Spring meeting: Saturday, 05/14/16

To All Michigan Chapter VHPA Members and Interested Parties,

The spring meeting of the Michigan Chapter will be on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at noon / 12:00 pm / both clock hands straight up, etc.

It will be held in the Back Room of the Log Jam Restaurant, 110 W. Jefferson, Grand Ledge, MI. The Log Jam has an extensive menu which includes adult beverages.

Besides lunch, this is a great opportunity to share war stories (embellished or otherwise) and perhaps meet someone you served with across the pond or at least shared the same airspace.

There will be a short business meeting with agenda items including discussion on events for our chapter participation this year. Locked in is the Operation LZ Michigan being held in Oscoda July 8-10. If anyone knows of other events that might fit our style, please share that information.

There will also be an election of officers. Nominations and draftees will be accepted up to and including at the meeting. We’ve survived with just a president and vice president up to now so looking for a secretary and treasurer to spread the load.

I anticipate we will also have a guest speaker or story-teller – more on that later.

Please bring your spouses, significant others, and anyone you think appropriate.

I’ll send out reminders and more details periodically. Just to emphasize – the meeting is on MAY 14, not March.

Rich Deer
Member and President

Spring Meeting 2015

The next general meeting will be held on Saturday May 2nd 2015, 12:00 pm, at The Log Jam Restaurant, 110 W. Jefferson, Grand Ledge, Mi.

To All Michigan Chapter VHPA Members, Spouses & Interested Parties,

The next meeting of our chapter will be on Saturday, May 2nd starting at noon at the Log Jam Restaurant, 110 W. Jefferson, Grand Ledge.  That’s 1200 hours, 12:00 pm, or Mickey’s big and small hands are both on 12.
We will be in their Back Room and can order off their extensive menu.  They do have adult beverages as well.
Besides the meal and swapping embellished war stories we will have a short business meeting with the primary topic of choosing an event to invade to show our banner as we did last year at the Moving Wall in Hamburg.  Please come with ideas.
We also may have a guest speaker – more on that later.
Last year we had about 10 participants in this spring meeting.  Let’s see if we can bump that up.
Rich Deer
Member and President
Michigan Chapter Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

PBS Preview of “Last Days in Vietnam”

Catch a sneak peek of “Last Days in Vietnam”, streaming free on PBS in HD February 5-7 only.This film has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.
The web links are:
or read up on the documentary at:
This is a very interesting look back at history of 1975.